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How to remove and replace the broken spherical door lock



     Nowadays, most of the household use spherical door locks, usually installed in wooden doors or aluminum doors, spherical locks are characterized by durability, easy to install, easy to use and affordable, so if the spherical lock is old, broken how to remove and replace it?To learn about it, maybe later you can do it yourself to replace it!Tool kit: rechargeable electric screwdriver, screwdriver, spherical lock kit

1, the use of spherical lock accessories with special removal of the grip iron, inserted into the hole under the grip.

2, according to the previous step, you can easily unscrew the grip.

3, using a word screwdriver will hold the rear gasket pry up.

4. Loosen the fixing screws in the spherical lock with a cross driver or an electric driver.

5. Remove the old spherical lock from the other side of the spherical lock.

6. Use electric screwdriver or cross screwdriver to remove the lock lock.

7. Remove the handle of a new spherical lock assembly in the same way as in step 1.

8. Remove the fixing lock and gasket of the spherical lock.

9. Install the lock lock first, then install the spherical lock, and test whether the tenon between each other is accurately occluded.

10. Use electric screwdriver or screwdriver to mount the locking plate.

11, cover with spherical lock handle gasket.

12. Press it into the ball lock holder.Generally speaking, the main difference of spherical lock is the length of the lock, one is 60mm, and the other is 85mm, so please pay attention to the specification difference when changing.

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